Proper name Nickel ( The chemical symbol is NI)
Category Trace mineral
Functions Nickel is present in RNA. Nickel increases the blood sugar lowering effects of insulin. Nickel influences the number of mitochondrial and liver enzymes. Serum nickel levels increase in response to physiologic stress such as heart attack and stroke.
RDA None
Therapeutic dose No supplemental nickel is recommended.
Deficiency symptoms No cases of human nickel deficiency are reported. Experimentally induced nickel deficiency in laboratory animals results in anemia, smaller litter sizes and changes in the liver.
Toxicity Oral ingestion of nickel is relatively safe, though excessive intake of nickel over long periods of time may result in degeneration of the heart, brain, liver and kidney. Inhalation of large quantities of nickel or nickel carbonyl (a compound of nickel and carbon monoxide) is implicated in lung cancer. These compounds are found in cigarette smoke. Some people have an allergic sensitivity to nickel jewelry. Some persons with psoriasis or eczema have elevated nickel levels in the skin and blood.
Best forms  Varied diet
Food sources Nickel is commonly found in whole grains and vegetables.
Lab tests Hair trace mineral analysis
Drug interactions None noted
Nutrient interactions Nickel deficiency suppresses iron absorption.

Nickel is present in many body tissues with the highest concentrations found in the skin and bone marrow.

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